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What nutrients concern with teeth development

Question: What nutrients concern with teeth development
I am concerned with baby’s teeth development and I want to know what nutrients are related with teeth development.

Answer: Newborn baby have no tooth, but the tooth germ can be found in alveolus exactly. The milk tooth has made its way to develop in the period of fetus. Similarly, when baby have enough milk teeth, tooth germ alveolus is ready for development of permanent tooth.

The development of tooth is connection with protein, vitamin and mineral composition and so on.
The absorption of calcium and phosphorus need vitamin D. lack of vitamin C cause undergrowth of tooth, alveolar bone shriveling, gingival bleeding and edema. Parent may find cornified cells of baby and a slow development of tooth in the case of vitamin C shortage. This especially does badly for baby’s enamel and change tooth in chalky white. Fluorine is another key material for tooth development, which should not be excessive or too small. Too little fluorine make tooth easy to decay and too much fluorine make tooth weak and break easily.

For the purpose of good milk tooth and building a good preparation for permanent tooth development, women should pay attention to nutrition after she had pregnancy. In the last three months of pregnancy, mother-to-be should increase calcium intake and protein intake. Parents should ensure baby enough nutrition after baby was born.

The food is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, B, C contains milk products, fish, egg, fresh vegetables and fruit and so on. Doing exercise outdoors is good for baby’s growth.

Eating much food before bedtime influences baby’s development

Many parents hold an idea that repletion and sufficient sleep is good for baby baby’s body growth. But in fact, taking too much food before sleep will slow down baby’s development in the night.
Some studies point that the growth hormone secretes the most measure in childhood. It emits its effects of body cells directly and promotes body growth, especially on development of bone, which makes baby grow taller. The secreting of growth hormone is impulse type and gets its summit when baby is in deep sleep. It is 3 times than that activity bay day.
? Digesting of food increase digestive juices and lengthens gastrointestinal peristalsis. This will lead to difficulty in getting deep sleep and is not good for secreting of growth hormone. Moreover, people have a low level metabolism at night, particularly among babies. The digest system is weak and can not afford a oversized digestion. It is easy to cause indigestion and result in fatness gradually.
Above all, the salivary secretion is in a low level after entering sleep mode, which cause a hidden trouble for oral cavity clean or swallowing infection.
??Babies need enough sleep and good sleep, for they are in growing period. But it would be better if baby have not taking any food before they go to bed before 10 o’clock pm. With enough growth hormone and sound sleep, baby will grow more rapidly.

Which Food mill and Baby food warmer look for when buying

 Food mills, grinders, and processors:

A low-tech hand-turned mill could be put into your diaper bag and some even coming with a convenient carrying case. Turning mechanism and removing the metal, you could make food for you baby wherever you move out. You just put a bit of the food into the grinder and replace the mechanism, lastly, you turn it. After a few twists you will make food for your baby. For making baby food yourself, it might worthy of the extra investment to take the electric grinder or processor out of the market. They work so simply just like a strainer though there is a new device —-a mesh bag. After you open the bag, you should put fresh food inside and snap it shut. You baby could get the pieces of the food, which are strained from the take it easy of the choking dangers such as the peels and the seeds because of the bag.

Baby food warmers:

 As your baby grows, you should need handy electric gadgets heat baby bottles and jars of food fast, not overheating them. The warmers should have thermostatic control and are small enough to carry with you on transit. You could also buy coolers which are made to keep the food for baby safe when you are traveling. Every kind of cooler will do however these are well designed and sized for baby food pot and bottle.


Techniques for dealing with pregnancy sleep disruptions

Question: my sister has started a baby. The situation if out of her control, she can not go to sleep naturally as she used to. She wants to know what a mother-to-be should pay attention to and how to get a comfortable sleep during this period.

Answer: as we all know, “stay rested.” is a wonderful suggestion for expectant mother, but it’s easier said than done for many women. With growing belly and hormonal changes can make it tough to fall asleep. Here are some effective ways to solve this problem.

A common sleep difficulty during pregnancy is finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Try lying on your side with a pillow for lower-back support. You can buy a pillow made in the length of your body, which offering support most. Some women feel comfortable by sleeping in a slightly position with lots of pillows behind them.

Generally speaking, frequent urination is a symptom of being pregnant. But many women are disturbed by this natural call in the night. You don’t want to cut back on water during the day, but you can try to limit drinking before bedtime. It will be helpful for getting a long sleep.

Some women wake up because of baby’s movements during the night. There’s not really anything you can do about this, nor would you want to: A moving baby is usually a healthy baby. We become concerned about baby’s health if he stops moving or slows down. Baby moving is actually a symbol of your little one’s good health. If your baby is keeping you awake at night, you can try to get some sleep during the day. Though a short nap can help you renew your energy.

Some other tips for good sleep:
Cut out all caffeine in your daily menu
Do exercise every day. Researches show that regular exercise improves better sleep. Taking walk is a good idea for pregnant women.
Drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime will bring you a good sleep.
Above all, do not take any over-the-counter medications to help you sleep. Always check with your doctor before treating a symptom on your own

How to clean baby’s mouth

Some parents believe that the milk teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth eventually, so it is ok though babies have decay in their teeth. This idea is badly wrong. The milk teeth will exist for about 6to 12years, which a key for baby’s growth. Nothing but healthy milk teeth can support an effective chewing of food and help babies digest food. Good cares of milk teeth bring about natural teeth falling out and permanent tooth’s growing. In order to prevent baby’s teeth from decayed tooth, parents should clean their mouth from infancy.

Food debris mixing with bacterial together form film adhered to milk teeth and change into dental plaque gradually. Dental plaque leads to a decalcification of teeth, which can cause decayed tooth. A newborn baby has not this kind of bacterial in his oral cavity. It is usually spread from mother or other carer to baby by saliva. Above all, breast milk and infant formula contain lactose, which is possible to get decayed tooth if baby sleep with a nipple in his mouth.
1, prepare pieces of gauzes in size of 4×4 centimeters and a bottle of warm boiling water.
?2, mother enfold baby in his arm and left another hand to clean baby’s oral cavity. ?
Specific practice:
?1, mother taking wet gauze wrapped forefinger then put the finger into baby’s oral cavity. Clean baby’s tongue, gum and oral mucosa. To baby
Aim: cultivating a good habit of oral cavity cleaning. It is a great importance to teach baby brushing teeth during this period.

What natural products are good for baby care?

Question:Tell me some natural products for baby care, lotions, shampoo, body wash, oil and so on.
What natural products are good for baby care? All I know so far is olive oil. Is there anyone who knows more natural products that good for baby care?
Answer:I use almond oil to massage my baby and coconut oil for hair. Almond oil is good for you, too. Almond oil has a natural bleach agent. It can make your skin nourishing and shining in natural way. It needn’t for you to use any kind of lotion after that.
What I know is that.

Is it safe to purchase baby care products online?

Is it safe to purchase baby care products online?
Question:Is it safe to purchase baby care products online? Are the online stores reliable? There are so many stores online, which kind of store you can choose? I am in New York now, please give me some advice.
Answer:You want safe online store? I think you can take all the online stores deceived at first. Try to do business with them carefully, step by step. You can buy some small things in the beginning. Just try once. You also need to see their credit and others comments about them. Fortunately,
there are many trustworthy online stores. You can purchase baby care products.

what is the 1st step in baby education?

Question:what is the 1st step in baby education?
Tell the truth, my baby is just 8 months old. Because this is my first baby, I have no idea in educating my baby. As a parent, I want to see my baby in a very good position when he is 20 years old. I hope he can be happy, intelligent, and successful in the future. What should I do to educate my baby? Please tell me what is the 1st step in baby education?

Answer:You should be happy if you want your baby happy. Because you have the biggest influence one your baby. Do more contact with your baby, eye contact, play, talk. Communicate with your baby; talk with him just as he can know your words, playing some joyous music or listening to good songs can be useful for your baby’s brain. Another thing is to read to your baby daily.

Do NOT stress over “baby academics”! Do not give too much pressure on your baby. You will get the opposite effect if you emphasize too much on academics. You should pay attention to your baby’s interests.
Give you an example. My friend has a son; 6 months old. She found that her baby has a good memory .that little baby remembers songs that my friend switches up on him daily. She sings the ABCs and does some clapping singing number 1-10, her baby looks and gives her a big smile, and she believes that her baby remembers it. Do pay attention to your baby and take care of him. Remember that a happy baby is the most important thing.

Cleaning the face of our baby

Believe it or not, babies like to be clean. It might to spread by the wedge of tangerine chin, hair and cheeks (and enjoy) that sticking their hands in the slurry and then rub all over her body, or worse. But if not cleaned, they will end complaining. Nothing is more pleasant, even for small, face feel clean and fresh.

“The eyes: They do not require special cleaning. If you have many bleary, it can happen occasionally a swab dipped in boiled water from the nose outward. If after three days is still very rheumy eye, must go to the doctor because it may be due to nasolacrimal duct obstruction.

- The Hair: When they are very poor should not use any product for cleaning, with a little water will do. We will start to use shampoo after twelve months. It should be soft and neutral, although it can substitute liquid soap in children. Just a couple of drops. There is no need to wash your hair more than two or three times a week.

- Skin hydrated: If it’s cold and we go out, you should moisturize your face because the low temperatures may dry. It is also advised to use cream after bathing. This care must be tightened in children with sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis. Make sure that they are authorized baby creams.

- Chin: Drooling, so common in younger ones, may cause skin irritation around the mouth. As little is cutting the first tooth, it is often dry up her chin, and if we see in need, do not forget to apply moisturizer.

- Ears: You only have to clean the outside of the ears, no attempt to remove ear wax protects it from dirt and germs. We can use the tip of a towel. The swabs are totally discouraged. Every time we use one, we push closer to the bottom of the ear that we withdrew. Furthermore, we could damage the eardrums irreversibly.

- Nose: We should not dwell too much. You just have to wash the visible and not try to access the interior. If you poke nose, you can drag out using a nasal aspirator (rubber proficient with plastic tip). Generally, the nose cleans itself when the baby sneezes loudly.

The sun and the skin of children

Although in recent years has been steadily increasing awareness that we must protect our skin, and especially the smaller ones, against the action of sunlight, we often forget it when we’re simply going for a walk or we take the kids to the park. Do not fall into that error, the sun is probably the main enemy of your little one during the summer. Remember and protect him always going to be for some time outdoors.

Please note:

If your child is under six months should not be exposed to sunlight because their skin is also extremely sensitive and may not tolerate the chemicals they contain sunscreens.
Vistel thick fabric, which cover the body: pants and shirt of natural fabrics and a hat with a brim that will provide shade to the face while he protects the ears and neck.
If you still nursing care to remain hydrated. Although not necessary that you give other fluids, you do need to eat fruits and vegetables and drink at least two liters of water daily. If fed with formula milk, it is desirable to add some more liquid to your diet.
Feel always in the shade or under an umbrella.
Increase sun exposure gradually. Pieces with only 10 minutes and not exceed a maximum of half an hour daily.
Do not let him sleep in the sun. It is better to move and play. Refréscale head and body with water and do drink plenty of water
Keep in the shade between 11 and 16 hs, as are the maximum intensity of solar
Buy him a pair of glasses that protect against UVA and UVB. Also will guard your eyes from pollen and other irritants.
If the sun’s rays can be harmful even on cloudy days, so always apply sunscreen to play abroad.

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