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What’s the best way to change from breast feeding to baby formula feeding?

Question:What’s the best way to change from breast feeding to baby formula feeding?
We have a newborn son, 11 months old. Now, we plan to have a second child. My friend suggests that I must stop breast feeding. What I am worried about is that my son doesn’t want to drink any kind of baby formula. We have tried many times, but it don’t work even we change the milk bottles. What is the reason? Because of the nipple, bottle or the taste of the formula?
Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

Answer:You needn’t stop breast feeding for getting pregnant if your period has returned! If not, you need to stop breast feeding to ovulate again. And you can consult with your family doctor for professional suggestion. At the same time, if you really determine to wean, you’d better turn to a cup, not a bottle. At 11 months, a cup should be introduced and then you needn’t bother to break your baby’s bottle habit.

Just do one feeding at a time and you have to be consistent and keep it as a rule. Don’t give in and give her the breast when he rejects the cup, even cries. Because she’ll connect refusal and cry with getting what he wants.

It’s best to get some others to do the first few attempts rather than his mom. Don’t expect immediate success, you need patient. It takes a few days …may be you don’t believe, but it is true that babies are stubborn and they know how to manipulate with you. Be strong willed. Just keep offering the cup when he is hungry. He will gradually accept your cup, but not the first time. Usually, it takes 3 weeks to 6 weeks s to wean your baby from breast feeding. There are some tactics and tips to tackle with your baby. Be patient and don’t give up.

Can the food I eat have impact on my baby’s skin colour?

Question:Can the food I eat have impact on my baby’s skin colour?
I am an African and now pregnancy with my second baby. today?I heard that if pregnancy mom eats bright colour things such as oranges, tomatoes, peaches pear and so on can avoid dark colour. They can have a huge impact on the baby’s skin. Does this happen? I really want to try.

Answer:I have never heard about that and I do not think that is true.
Genetics determines skin color.
To change baby’ skin color relaying on eating some food is just a myth and a little ridiculous to sound. Although eating bright colour things is good for your body and your baby:). Actually, you and your baby need variety of food both in bright colour and dark colour.

However, why do you want to change your baby’s skin? Do not disobey god’s will.


Tips on baby’s hair care

?Shampooing frequently

The growth rate of newborn baby is quick and metabolism is active. In this case, doing shampoo of baby younger than 6months every day is ok, especially in summer. When baby is older than 6months, the washing frequency can cut down to one time per 2 or 3days. If baby getting fewer shampoos, the dandruff and sweat will make baby’ scalp feel tingly and itch and even cause infection in varying degrees. The end result is falling out of hair.
Parents should ensure the shampoo is particular for baby. When washing baby’s head, mother need to massage into baby’s scalp using fingertips lightly.

Combing hair regularly

?Mother should take a baby only comb with her and comb baby’s hair as long as time permits. Regular combing whips up the circulation of blood and promote hair growth. One thing to keep in mind that the best choice is rubber comb, which is soft as well as resilient and wont detract scalp. Another thing mother should pay attention to is comb baby’s hair follow the natural direction.

Balanced feeding

Comprehensive balanced nutrition is very important for baby’s hair growth. Introduction of complementary foods due to different months of age is good way to ensure nutrition enhancing. Various vegetables, meal, eggs and fruit should be added to baby’s menu. Comprehensive balanced nutrition by blood circulation can feed the roots of baby’s hair, which will make hair growth healthier.

?Plenty of sleep

The baby’s brain is immature and inclined to get tired easily. If baby have not enough sleep, he will be physiological?disorder and poor appetite.?All of these lead to a indirect hypogenesis.
A newborn baby usually sleeps 20 hours per day; 1 to 3months of age sleeps 16to 18 hours a day; 4 to 6 months of age sleeps 15 or 16 hours per day;7to 9 months of age sleeps 14 to 15 hours one day; a baby more than 10 months of age sleeps 10 to 13 hours per day. This a common measure of baby’s sleep time according to different months of age. Parents need to remember it in heart.

Children should not eat too much sugar before dinner.


Eating too much sugar before dinner will increase blood sugar level of child. In this case, child’s sense of hunger is disappearing and he will not feel hungry when dinner time comes, then no longer want to eat anything. He will feel hungry in a little while, and to supplement with sugar. As time went on, lack of other nutrients can easily result in malnutrition, which affected the normal development of children. \


Eating too much sugar is also bad for the stomach. A large amount of sugar remaining in the stomach leads to acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, and cause regurgitation of sourness. Along with the food’s fermentation in intestinal canal, the children will be unpleasant of abdominal distension and other discomfort. Eating candy on an empty stomach will consume a lot of B vitamin. The lack of B vitamin make children jaded appetite, reduce saliva and digestive juice, and then weaken digestive function of the stomach.

Consequently, eating candy before dinner is more of a hindrance than a help. However, because of child is lively, it is recommendable that taking appropriate amount of sugar to refuel body, the time should be arranged in 1 to 2 hours after meals or after a nap.

Which sounds give baby a sense of security?

Question:My sister told that parents should keep quiet of newborn baby room. A bit of sound will disturb baby and lead to a bad affection on baby’s health. Is it right? And I want to know which sounds are ok for baby?

Answer:According to a research, newborn baby is interested in soft sound with slow tempo, which made baby feeling comfortable. On contrast, a loud piercing sound will fidgets baby any away. Newborn baby have a strong sense of rhythmic sounds. This may be contact with mother’s heartbeat, which had given baby a feeling of security.

Training baby on sensation and aesthesis is a key to develop baby’s intelligence. How to develop newborn baby’ hearing?

1, Parents need to help baby distinguishing different sounds around him. It is helpful to put baby in a sound environment. Family members’ daily activities can make variety sounds. Such as sounds of walking, opening the door, running water, people conversation and noise and so on.
?2, Some rhythmic music will be good at baby’s hearing. But parents should not choose a loud music and the playing time is not too long exactly.?

?3, Mother and other family members try to talk with baby. the warm and smelly words make baby feel a initial emotion communication with other people.

How to deal with baby’s disinclination with milk

Question:My baby is just four months. He eats an average of 90 milliliters per 3 hours, I wonder if this quantity is enough or not? He eats less when he is awake, on the contrary, is willing to eat on half-asleep. Who can tell me why this is so?

Answer:Generally speaking, a four-month baby will slow down their weight growth. The increase of weight will reduce from about 30 grams as a newborn baby to 10 grams per day. As a result, they need fewer calories than before, which period is called of unwilling feeding period. During this period, baby become interested in surroundings and is disinclination with mother’s milk, so it is nature they take fewer milk than before.

The suitable measure is not less than 100 milliliters per 1 kg per day. The most important thing is that baby weight increase follows the curve of normal growth development.

Changing feeding mode may be a good way to solve this problem.
When baby appeared bored with milk, mother should improve the feeding mode with casual way. It is not need to feed baby on regular time. Frequent small milk is acceptable, such as feed baby when he wanted to eat. Mother can play with baby in order to consume his energy till he feel hungry, then he will eat normally.

How to avoid children injury from fall

Experts point out that the younger the child, the more the injury from fall. The fall rate of children under one year old is up to 54%. According to research on children injure from fall between one year-old and four year-old, home is the high risk place of children injure from fall. Therefore, new parents should pay especially attention of children at home.
The following ways will help children far away from fall wound:
1, parents should prepare protective devices such as helmet, knee pad and so on when children do riding or skatting
2, Ordinary windows need to be locked, or install window bar.
3, Do not put chairs, cradles and other furniture near the window.
4, Ensure an effective protecting on infants when changing baby diaper or clothing.
5, eliminating risk factors in house, such as the rolled-up carpet, exposed wires, the balcony or corridor of excessive clearance railings.
6, placing non-slip mat before wash basins, lavatory, and staircases.
7, take care of children in a walker of wheels or instead of it with another fixed one without wheels.
8, The children activity space should be checked regularly to ensure it is safe for playing ,such as whether the ground is formation or not.

Placenta previa: What is it? What types are there?

person-embarazada.jpg Placenta previa is when the same is wholly or partly inserted into the bottom of the uterus. The placenta can be inserted into the uterus abnormally in both its surface and depth. And when it is abnormally attached to surface is to a picture of placenta previa.

The uterine segment is the portion of this body that is between the uterine body and neck. It is a poorly vascularized area, which in the early weeks of gestation measured millimeters unfolds as it progresses and grows to the end of 10 to 12 centimeters.

It is, in labor, the first portion of the birth canal. It is also a very fine and dynamic changes in size and characteristics in the placenta which is attached to this segment may then bleed. Perhaps many pregnant women knew her best for this symptom so classic, and fearful of frequent bleeding.

Different types:

total placenta previa: is inserted so the uterine segment that completely covers the internal os of the cervix and blocks the birth canal.

partial placenta previa: is inserted so the uterine cavity segment and partially occluding the internal os of the cervix and birth canal.

marginal placenta previa: the placenta edge does not occlude the internal os of the cervix but practically is in contact with him.

LOW INSERTION PLACENTA: although not in contact with the internal os of the cervix has an insertion in the segment of the uterus. For some authors, is when to 3cm. or more of the internal os but within the uterine segment.

Is it ordinary for 4 month old baby not breastfeeding as often?

Question:Is it ordinary for 4 month old baby not breastfeeding as often?
My sister has a 4 month old baby. She breastfeed him normally, just some times he will drink less than he used to. About five days ago head a really long time before he got a good feed. Is it just the right age for an irregular breastfeeding? He doesn’t cry and he is settled after feeds.

Answer:At this point baby is not going to grow quickly so he does not need as much. Baby is getting as much as he used to getting it at a much faster rate. Babies learn quickly and he’s probably a pro at eating at snack bar now. Your supply is fully established now as well, so the milk flows faster. As long as he has plenty of wet nappies and is still passing bowel movements on a regular basis I wouldn’t worry.

As your baby gets older they can nurse a little faster. So he is probably still drinking the same amount he’s just drinking faster. My son used to nurse for about 45 minutes on each breast every 2-3 hours, now at almost 6 months he nurses about 5-10 minutes on each and he is good for about 4 hours. As long as he isn’t showing signs of hunger he is getting enough.

Sounds like you are doing fine with your baby.

When can I let my infant fall asleep on his own?

Question?When can I let my infant fall asleep on his own?
My brother has a son, 10 months old. He and my sister-in-low are still bothered at night in letting him down for bed. They’ve tried feeding him dinner earlier, bathing him one hour earlier before bed, allowing him to play in his playroom after having bath….but nothing is available. It is still very difficult for him to get to sleep – one of them must rock him to sleep in his room or walk him around in the end. Sometimes they will accompany him for 24 hours! They have no idea about this. When can they let their infant fall asleep on his own? Please help!

Answer? If his weight is heavy enough to let you stop taking care of him, then cut back on his intake. Newborn babies would fall asleep when they are sucking milk. If they can be feeding and stay awake, you can decide to lay the baby down to sleep without a bottle. A well fed, dry, healthy and unspoiled baby will go to sleep on their own around 1 month old.

If I were the boy’s mother, I would put him in his crib, no toys or other distractions .But I will leave a little night light in his room in case he will be scared when he wakes up in the night. Keep a set bed time schedule, in this way, he will know that your bedtime cues means sleepy time. Maybe in the first days, he will cry and put up a fight, but eventually he gets bored and tired and falls asleep. Please let your baby be independent.

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